Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sao Luiz do Puruna, Brazil

Camping under a statue of Cristo should have given us protection. But the locals with their high power sound system and terrible Brazilan techno music drove us away after a few 3am nights. We moved 2km down the road and camped in a farmer's field full of pecking chickens and playful puppies. We could still just hear their music from the farmer's field, but not loud enough to keep us awake.

We had 5 big drive days to cover the huge distances from central Argentinea to Brazil. The country side gradually got wetter from the dry Argentinian plains into rich tropical forests of Brazil. The weather turned from cool dry to hot and sweaty. This also meant the arrival of mosquites, which had been blissfully absent until now.

The local climbing was a bit more friendly, with good sandstone sports climbing across all the grades from easy to impossible. I found the rock quite farmiliar to the local Sydney sandstone while other hot rockers found it challenging. Being a small compact sports crag, it was very social climbing as everyone was climbing together, each trying harder routes and all giving vocal support to push the grades.

See all the action in the following video.


Marese & Martin

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