Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bouldering at 4000 meters in Tuzgle Argentina Video

The climb up from the plains at 2600 meters to 4200 meters could be done in a single drive day. However we would be suffering from altitude sickness if we climbed that quickly. So we set up camp on a dusty and cold football field at 3000 meters. It must have been the coldest night we have spent so far as everything froze in our tents. Even the inside of the insulated truck had icicles dripping from windows due to the exhalations of the HotRockers who took the soft option to sleep in the truck.

The early sunshine soon had us warmed as we drove up over 4000 meters. All of the small creek crossings we passed over were frozen to some extent. As we crossed each stream, the ice would crack under the huge weight of the truck. We arrives breathess on the high plateau under the watchfull eye of the Tuzgle Volcano that climbed up another kilometer to over 5600 meters.

The camp was in a dusty canyon with a small stream running through it. Luckily this stream never froze overnight and we suspected it must be fed by a hot spring as all the other streams in the area were always frozen in the mornings, like all our water bottles.

See the video for the bouldering action in this undeveloped canyon.

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